Aneros + Male Masturbating Videos = Explosion

by admin on May 5, 2010

I think porn is one thing I can’t get enough of, and male masturbating videos really pull me in. I don’t mean the videos of guys getting off, but the videos we guys get off too. The girl on girl action, the threesomes, and even the gang bangs.

When it comes to watching the male masturbating videos, I do it all. I jerk off, I use a pocket pussy, and I even use lotion and a sock. The thing that really does it for me though is the Aneros butt plug. It’s not an ordinary butt plug that is either so stiff it stays in one place or it falls out. Aneros is more like a massager that is hitting my g-spot every time I thrust into something.

It’s small, sleek, and doesn’t hurt at all. In fact, when I’m watching male masturbating videos I barely know it’s there. That is, until I cum hard and need a glass of water. My only real word of advice with this winning combination? Get ready for some serious clean up.


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